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NBA Fans Calls Out LeBron James For Missing The Next Lakers Game: "Lakers 1-5 In Last 6 And Double-Digit Loss Tonight... Bron Really Deserves The Rest When They Struggling?"

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

LeBron James is sitting for the next Lakers game, the last one for the purple and gold before the All-Star break. The King has been very active this season, although plenty of people believed he was going to sit some matches to take some rest.

He's not getting any younger and has a lot of miles on him already, so this decision may be the best for him. However, not everybody thinks the same, and NBA fans took to Twitter to blast the 4x MVP, calling him out for prior statements about load management and for abandoning his team when they need him the most.

The Lakers aren't having a very good moment right now, losing five of their last seven games, with everybody worrying about this team and how bad their situation would get.

LeBron is getting ready to participate in the 2021 All-Star Game. Even though he wasn't so excited about it at the beginning, he's taking things very seriously and one loss won't get them out of the playoff picture.

Right now they rank 3rd in the Western Conference after losing to the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday. After this break, they will try to return in the best way, with a fresh LeBron ready to lead them to the glory.