NBA Fans Calls Out Trae Young For Driving With No Seatbelt

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Trae Young is under fire after sharing a couple of snaps driving without a seatbelt. The Atlanta Hawks star is followed by everybody in the league given his status as one of the best scorers in the league. When he posted a couple of snaps driving without protection, people went nuts, calling him out for not doing what is right and mandatory.

NBA Reddit went after him, reminding him how other players lost their careers thanks to silly mistakes that could have been avoided. Young is 22 and a lot of kids look up to him so this behavior isn't right.

"Anyone think this kind of stuff is slightly irresponsible?" One Redditor wrote.

"Not only is it a bad example, but he's risking his own athletic career. Even a small accident with no seatbelt can have worse consequences than wearing one.

"Not to mention, he's singing to a song and posting it on Snapchat as a 22 year old."

The rest of the community agreed with them, asking for Young to be more responsible when driving.

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This is not a good thing to do for an NBA player. Even though he's at a young age, Trae should know a lot better than this.