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NBA Fans Calls Out Zion Williamson After NBA 2K Appearance: "The Video Doesn't Show The 4 Big Mac's Next To Him."

NBA Fans Calls Out Zion Williamson After An NBA 2K Appearance: "The Video Doesn't Show The 4 Big Mac's Next To Him."

Zion Williamson has been under fire for his weight, which is nothing new for the New Orleans Pelicans young star. Ever since he entered the competition in 2019, his fitness has concerned both fans and analysts, who urge the player to stay in shape. 

Nevertheless, Zion keeps getting involved in controversies regarding his weight, with reports claiming he's over 300 pounds right now. Skip Bayless said Zion likes to eat whole pizzas and drink beverages with a lot of sugar, which raised more eyebrows around the league. 

Even though his friends and fans have shown pictures of Zion looking slim, the vast majority doesn't miss a chance to shame the 2019 No. 1 overall pick. Recently, they blasted the big man after he appeared in a Bleacher Report video playing NBA 2K22. 

Williamson has received plenty of criticism lately. Everybody has something to say about his fitness, and various pictures show a different version of the player. Fans don't miss a chance to go against the player, and even if he looks relatively good, they will have the jokes ready. 

Zion has missed more games than he's played during his first three seasons in the league. That should be an issue, but former head coach Stan Van Gundy said he still has played more matches than Joel Embiid did in the same span. 

He's expected to be one of the best players in the league in the next five years, but something must change if he wants to continue his development into a superstar. Williamson has the talent and the capacity to leave a big mark on the game. Still, many people believe he won't be able to fulfill his potential. 

At age 21, he has a lot of room to improve, but those changes must take place now if he wants to have a long and successful NBA career.