NBA Fans Clown Stephen A. Smith After He Suggested A Kyle Kuzma For Devin Booker Trade

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Stephen A. Smith is a well-known sports analyst for ESPN. There is no doubt that Stephen A. Smith is experienced in what he does, and he has had great takes before. However, every analyst makes mistakes every once in a while.

Hilltop Hoops has recently shared a clip of Stephen A. Smith suggesting a trade between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Phoenix Suns featuring Kyle Kuzma and Devin Booker. While Kyle Kuzma is a solid player, he simply isn't on Devin Booker's level. NBA fans reacted to Smith's trade proposal and a lot of them pointed out the ridiculousness of the idea.

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While Stephen A. Smith does mention that other players should have been included in the package, it is doubtful that at any point the Phoenix Suns would accept a package for Devin Booker that is based around Kyle Kuzma. Devin Booker is one of the best shooting guards in the game, and he managed to beat LeBron James in a series, which isn't easy. This clip is from a while ago, and today, the trade idea seems that much more ridiculous. Devin Booker will likely be in Phoenix for the foreseeable future, and the Los Angeles Lakers will have to find other ways to improve.