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NBA Fans Compete To Create The Best Big 3 With $9: "MJ, Shaq, And Durant Would Be Unstoppable."

NBA Fans Compete To Create The Best Big 3 With $9: "MJ, Shaq, And Durant Would Be Unstoppable."

One of the more popular things on NBA Twitter is for fans to create their own teams given a certain amount of money, with each player being assigned a certain value. Generally, the fans are asked to put together the best squad they possibly can.

This happened today, with Twitter account @RealTalk900 posting a graphic featuring some top-tier players, and asking fans to create the best big three possible. The graphic featured some modern players such as Stephen Curry, alongside some older players like Shaquille O'Neal.

NBA fans commented with what they thought would be the best big 3 possible created from these 9 players. A lot of people obviously included Michael Jordan in their lists, as he is widely viewed as the GOAT of basketball. Another name that was very prevalent was Shaquille O'Neal, due to his dominance and the amount of defensive attention he commands near the basketball. There were a lot of different combinations, and you can't really go wrong when picking from a list of 9 all-time greats.

9$ 4
9$ 2
9$ 1

Obviously, there's no right answer for this exercise. Any given big three created here would be competitive. There are a lot of ways to make a good combo of stars from the list of players here. One thing that is somewhat surprising is the lack of inclusion of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in these lists, as he is considered by some to be the GOAT of his era. With that being said, it makes sense that a lot of fans would gravitate towards modern players.

There is no doubt that it is fun to imagine all-time greats playing with one another. It is obviously impossible to recreate in real life as these players all played in different eras, but perhaps people could use a game like NBA 2K to test out their big threes.