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NBA Fans Criticize Kevin Durant's Poor Self-Care: "He Doesn’t Do Anything Else Besides Hoop"

NBA Fans Criticize Kevin Durant's Poor Self-Care: "He Doesn’t Do Anything Else Besides Hoop"

Ever since his infamous move to the Golden State Warriors in 2016, Kevin Durant went from being one of the most beloved players in the NBA to one of the most polarizing and criticized talents in the association. 

After that, KD's approach to fans changed and the NBA community started talking bad about him whenever they have the chance. Initially, it was about his mentality and the fact that he joined a superteam to win his first two championships. 

Now that he's in Brooklyn, Durant keeps getting a lot of bad comments, but he's gotten used to it. However, fans don't stop and they recently went off on the 2014 NBA MVP given his poor self-care. 

Last week, KD made headlines thanks to his ashy legs, which sparked big reactions around the community. People like Draymond Green and Isaiah Thomas reacted to a pic showing Durant's legs, while Serena Williams roasted him a couple of days later

Fans haven't forgotten about KD. After BreakAnklesDaily recalled all the times the player was criticized for his looks, social media had a field day going against the 2022 MVP candidate. Prior to his ashy legs, Durant made a lot of noise with his hair. After that, his beard was also criticized, and now his legs are under the spotlight.

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This man can catch a break, but he's ready to fire back at critics. 

Meanwhile, the two-time NBA Finals MVP keeps hooping, trying to lead the Brooklyn Nets to the 2022 playoffs. In the middle of that, fans troll him, striking a nerve, getting burned by Durant most of the time. 

Even if you make a good joke, be ready for retaliation, as KD will never get tired of interacting with fans, even if that means getting into it with them.