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NBA Fans Debate If Stephen Curry Or Russell Westbrook Is The Better Overall Defender: "Curry's Been Better Than Westbrook Since 2017."

NBA Fans Debate If Stephen Curry Or Russell Westbrook Is The Better Overall Defender: "Curry's Been Better Than Westbrook Since 2017."

Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook came into the league just one year apart from one another. Both have won MVPs in their careers and were superstars in the NBA throughout the 2010s. However, the major area where they have differed is that Curry has translated his talent into championships, 4 of them, while Westbrook has none. 

Their offensive games are quite different, Steph is the greatest shooter ever and a phenomenal off-ball player. Westbrook is ball dominant, an offensive system within himself at his peak, someone that uses his athleticism to get to the rim and find the right passes. 

There is very little debate on who the greater player is of all time, Curry has comfortably distinguished himself in that category, even though some still dispute it. However, neither are considered to be excellent defenders, especially at this point in their careers. And NBA fans on Reddit thought it would be a good idea to debate who the better defender is at this point in their careers, with some interesting answers coming out of the debate. 

"It's Steph and it's not close at all."

"Curry is much better off ball and following the scheme. He’s been better than Westbrook since 2017."

"Curry is the better defender even though he has worse tools to be a better defender, which says alot about Westbrook tbh."

"I actually think Curry is a legit defender now. Not amazing, and not like a game changer in defense, but just super solid."

"Curry doesn’t make the mental lapses off ball and tries, Westbrook only has the better defensive tools and capability but they’re underutilized by him."

"Steph was the better defender last season, mostly because of the sheer lack of effort Russ displayed on that end. But Westbrook has been a clear cut better defender until 2-3 years ago."

"I have never seen Steph Curry guard the best player on the other team. Has he ever guarded Luka? Jayson Tatum? Ja Morant?"

"I don't think fans understand. Warriors have always hid Steph on the defensive end so that he can save energy to shoot threes on the offensive end."

"I used to think Westbrook was a legitimate defender - then I realized he's more of a hustler if anything."

"I’ve seen Westbrook legitimately guard Giannis pretty well on the Wizards. Westbrook defensive ability depends if he’s doing good on offense or not."

"Curry has become better recently, I don't think this is a question."

The consensus among the fans seems to be that Stephen Curry has now eclipsed Russell Westbrook on the defensive end. This is a big take considering that Curry was considered a poor defender for most of his career. To be fair to Westbrook, he had a generally down year last season, and he could come back and prove everyone wrong next season.