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NBA Fans Debate On Who Has The Better All-Time Roster: Kevin Durant Vs. Nick Wright

(via First Things First)

(via First Things First)

Perhaps no other league in sports has more star-power than the NBA. From Wilt Chamberlain to Larry Bird, to Michael Jordan and LeBron James, the Association has had no shortage of amazing and attention-grabbing superstars pass through their gate.

Naturally, even amid a wild regular season, fans can't help but debate who is better and which hypothetical All-Time rosters would be the best.

On First Things First, FOX Sports analyst Nick Wright and Nets superstar Kevin Durant assembled their own "dream teams" before comparing the finished products. It sparked some conversation on Twitter.

Durant's team is a little more outside the box, with LeBron starting at point guard himself plugged at the straight power-forward, and Kobe in at the three. Off the bench, he includes notable names like Kevin Garnett, Steph Curry, Tracy McGrady, and even Anthony Davis. As for Wright, his starting five is a little more balanced, with Curry, Jordan, Tim Duncan, and Kareem balancing out size and interior play with shooting. Off the bench, he's got Kobe, Magic, Larry Bird, Shaq, and Durant. Fans couldn't come to a complete consensus, but most did give Wright's squad the nod in the end.

Durant did respond to some fans to defend his AD pick.

It's impossible to see which team would win a game or series, for obvious reasons, so the best we can do is form an opinion on what we know from each player.

At the very least, it can be said with certainty that both teams would be pretty darn good. Just how good, though, is for you to decide...