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NBA Fans Debate Whether Kawhi Leonard Or Jayson Tatum Will Have A Better Season In 2022-23: "Comparing Kawhi To Tatum Is Crazy."

NBA Fans Debate Whether Kawhi Leonard Or Jayson Tatum Will Have A Better Season In 2022-23: "Comparing Kawhi To Tatum Is Crazy."

The NBA landscape changes from year to year as players leap from being good to being great, and others go from being stars to superstars. There are also injuries to factor in, as well as the rosters that great players play on, but it's safe to say that every season brings different types of success to different players in the league. 

Jayson Tatum enjoyed arguably the best season of his career, making the All-NBA First Team and beating the likes of Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Jimmy Butler en route to the NBA Finals. He struggled a little against Golden State but he has overall put himself into the same tier as the other superstars in the league. 

Kawhi Leonard dealt with the exact opposite, being kept out by injuries last season. However, Kawhi is already a 2-time champion and Finals MVP as well as being a former 2-time Defensive Player Of The Year. And when he and Paul George return next season, the Clippers will be hoping to finally make the run that they have threatened to make since they acquired the star duo, and reach the NBA Finals. 

With that being said, a page asked which player would have a better season next year, Leonard or Tatum, and NBA fans had a lot to say on the subject. 

"Comparing Kawhi to Tatum is crazy."

"Kawhi. Legit Top 5 IMO when he healthy."

"Some of y'all are already sleeping on Jayson again, he's gonna get even better."

"Kawhi has barely played in a while and Tatum just went to the Finals, so you tell me."

"Leonard is a two-time champ and Finals MVP, this question is disrespectful to him."

"Y’all setting JT up they not in the same league."

"Kawhi already is who Jayson Tatum needs to be."

"I got my boy JT going off again, no disrespect to the Klaw."

"Kawhi EASILY !!! Tatum not gonna have better year than PG."

"Healthy Kawhi is hella better and a top 5 player lmao please stop with the cap."

While Kawhi Leonard has achieved more than Jayson Tatum in his career so far, Tatum is yet to enter his prime. Health is also a factor, something that is always a concern with the Clippers' superstar. Most people would pick Kawhi Leonard over Jayson Tatum, but they are likely to be closer than people think when Kawhi returns to the court next season.