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NBA Fans Debate Which Is The Best Team Out Of The Last 4 NBA Champions

NBA Fans Debate Which Is The Worst Team Out Of The Last 4 NBA Champions

For a while, the competition in the NBA wasn't up to the mark. In four consecutive NBA Finals, fans saw the Golden State Warriors face off against the Cleveland Cavaliers to lift the prestigious Larry O'Brien trophy.

But over the last four seasons, that trend has changed. Not only in terms of seeing different teams reaching the NBA Finals but also seeing different teams win it.

The 2019 NBA champions were the Toronto Raptors, followed by the Los Angeles Lakers in 2020, the Milwaukee Bucks in 2021, and most recently, the Golden State Warriors in 2022.

All things considered, the last four seasons have been incredibly enjoyable for the fans as there was no clear-cut favorite to win it all. A few weeks ago, NBA fans debated which one team they would let go of the four teams.

But today, we bring you a debate about which is the best team out of the four NBA champions.

The Last Four NBA Champions Were Great

An NBA fan on Reddit asked this question in one of their recent posts. He explained in the post that out of the four teams, he believes the Lakers had the best second option in Anthony Davis. But to counter that, the other three teams had great depth.

However, what if there was a tournament among these four teams? Who would turn out to be the best team? Well, here's what other fans had to say about it.

LaFlame_Pablo: Raptors vs Lakers would have been such a great series had Kawhi stayed.

AstronomerAltruistic: Everyone always thinks the Warriors are worse on paper, but in practice they’re always much better than expected.

JerimiahWhiteWhale: The 2020 lakers seem to be underrated at this point (probably because LeBron fans and haters have an interest in making his teams worse in retrospect). That team was insanely good. They had good defenders at every position, between three and four good shooters on the floor at all times (AD had runs of being a great shooter that season), and LeBron was in his bag as a creator that season. They almost never lost two in a row, and never gave up a lead in the fourth quarter.

VVVVagabond: Ah s**t thats a really good question. All of them were elite defensive teams but that 2019 Raptors team is one of the best defenses i've ever seen. The Lakers have the most talent with Bron and AD. Really think it comes down to one of those 2.

AragornII_Elessar: Raptors imo, they’re one of the greatest defenses in NBA history, combined with the fact that Kawhi had a GOAT level playoff run.

Spidey_22: 2020 Lakers. AD was on another level that year. Solid supporting cast and still insanely good Lebron.

docjohnson1395: If the teams are playing in the bubble, it's the Lakers (AD midrange godmode was so stupid). If not, Raptors.

TheGreatShaqtus: Remember how many people at the time were saying the raptors ring didn’t count because KD and Klay went down? Glad to see that they’re getting their due respect now.

kenjolken: Comes down to Lakers or Raptors.

goobergaming43: Lakers getting underrated. Weren’t they like undefeated on the road through 50 games or something. They were dominating.

zhard01: In a four game playoffs, I would take a Raptors-Lakers finals with Lakers winning in 6.

Yg5g: I really think the Raptors edge out the rest. Lakers and Bucks are 2A and 2B.

Looking at the comments, the verdicts seem to be in favor of the Toronto Raptors or the Los Angeles Lakers.

Most fans believe that the 2019 Raptors had an insane defense. Combining that with a healthy Kawhi Leonard, who was in the form of his life, would simply be too much for any opponent.