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NBA Fans Debate Who Are Some Of The Luckiest Players In NBA History: "Draymond Green. If He Were Drafted By The Kings He'd Be Out Of The League Already."

NBA Fans Debate Who Are Some Of The Luckiest Players In NBA History: "Draymond Green. If He Were Drafted By The Kings He'd Be Out Of The League Already."

There are many parameters that play a part when it comes to being successful in the NBA. Of course, you need to have a good coaching staff and teammates to be successful in the postseason.

A player's talent certainly plays a crucial role in that. But a player's luck also comes into play whether they will be successful in the NBA or just another athlete who played for a few years and was then out of the league.

Speaking of luck, the very first step is in which NBA franchise you are drafted into. We have seen the careers of many potentially great players ruined by the system they were playing in.

Draymond Green is someone who has experienced the exact opposite of it. Most fans believe if he were to be drafted by any other franchise than the Warriors, he wouldn't even be in the league today, let alone be as successful as he has become.

On that topic, Redditor u/EquivalentTap2022 exact a question in their recent Reddit post. The user wanted to know the opinion of other NBA fans about who are some of the luckiest players in NBA history. As expected, many fans came forward and gave answers to the question.

Zelgaro: "Serge Ibaka. He’s really lucky that he missed every punch he has thrown."

michaelbchnn24: "Derek Fisher. A point guard who couldn't actually play the position, gets drafted to a team that already has van exel , then van exel gets traded and the Lakers hire Phil Jackson who runs an offense that doesn't need a point guard. He gets to play off of Kobe and Shaq and shoot open threes all game, the one thing he's actually good at. He gets drafted anywhere else and he probably doesn't make it past his rookie deal."

BallerinaKaterina: "Jeff Green. Routine preseason physical saves his life."

redditapplebum: "Bertans. One hot year on a s**t team. One huge contract. And anyone else who has done the same."

rangerofgold: "Magic, larry, duncan, jordan, kobe, steph, russel, even dirk. Seems crazy, but to have a front office/ownership that really believes in you and backs that up is not an everyday thing. These players were all time greats and had the people with half a mind to understand and give them the respect they deserved."

Neet_slayer: "Jordan Poole was drafted to the perfect situation for him."

Cantaloupe_Counter: "Draymond Green. If he were drafted by the Kings he'd be out of the league already."

lee_lynx: "The Greens. Draymond Green, Danny Green, Jeff Green."

JafariSin: "Dray is an all time player. But he really did fall into the perfect situation. It's kinda funny to think how he'd be regarded if he was stuck on the Magic or Kings with revolving inexperienced point guards as teammates."

jmk00l: "Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Without Magic Johnson his legacy would have quite like Wilt. Difficult personality, selfish, not a true winner despite a ring with the Bucks."

Honest_Suns_Fan: "Obviously Draymond. Remember the warriors when he was the best player on the team?"

Floating_egg: "Draymond. I think regardless he’d be a solid journeyman role player, and I think he did contribute to their dynasty, but he’s a 4 time champ who will be remembered as a much better player than he actually is."

Looking at the comments from the fans, most believe that Draymond Green is arguably one of the luckiest players to play in the league.

Had he not been drafted by the Warriors, his career would have looked completely different. And as one fan pointed out, he might not even be in the league today. But for what it's worth, Green is definitely one of the hardest workers in the NBA. So one way or another, he would have at least found a way to the league.