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NBA Fans Debate Who Is The Better Player Between Luka Doncic And Damian Lillard: "Luka. He Has GOAT Vibes In His Veins."

NBA Fans Debate Who Is Better Player Between Luka Doncic Or Damian Lillard: "Luka. He Has GOAT Vibes In His Veins."

In the NBA, there are several exciting point guards, that can get the crowd on their feet during games. Damian Lillard and Luka Doncic are certainly two of the premier players at the PG position in the league as of now.

Lillard will be entering the 10th season of his career in the NBA. He is not only one of the most loyal players, but a true superstar as well. Unfortunately, the Blazers superstar has failed to accomplish anything significant in the postseason. Individually, he has been sensational, but the team around him never seems to catch up to his pace.

On the other hand, Luka Doncic has spent just three seasons in the league and has already become a fan favorite. The European superstar is a phenomenal player and is expected to be one of the best players in the NBA for years to come.

But when comparing the two superstars, who is the better player? Is it Luka or Dame? Well, NBA fans took part in this debate on Reddit. Reddit user u/midnightZ3ROx raised this question on Reddit. 

While the original poster believes that Luka is better, a few presented the case for Dame being better. But many fans agreed with the original poster and it turned into a debate. 

Here are some of the points that fans made to explain their side:

SkipBaylessAt2AM: "Luka, simply due to his body. Dame isn’t able to bully guys in the post or push through contact against big guys to get a layup. When you’re 6’7 and 240 you can do that a lot easier."

sidighjd: "Luka, I don’t think dame takes the clippers to 7."

ShadowClawz: "Luka. He has GOAT vibes in his veins."

Salty_Watermelon: "Luka. Not a knock on Dame because he's basically the closest thing to Steph Curry. But Luka is a truly complete offensive player because he has shooting, playmaking and the size and strength to overpower most defenders he faces."

Awkward-Speech7375: "I honestly would have them about even right now. Lillard is a better shooter. Luka is a better playmaker. Both are bad defensively(although Lillard probably worse). Last season, both of them put up huge numbers in the playoffs but still lost in the first round."

td139523: "Luka definitely. Better defender, way better playmaker, and harder to take away. We’ve seen Dame be shut down too many times in the playoffs from trapping defenses."

lebronto_baby: "Luka and it's really not that close. Lillard is too small and got clamped up by Jrue Holiday and Rondo. They basically got swept because he got shut down. Kawhi and PG aka two all nba level defenders couldn't do anything to Luka for 2 years."

fenham_eusebio_23: "Luka. Dame is probably the better scorer/shooter. Luka is the better basketball player."

downtimeredditor: "Dame's got playoffs wins and a conference finals app."

likpoper: "Dame.. but in terms of potential, luka could challenge as a top 20 player ever."

chickenman12345678: "Lillard BY FAR. People just like Luka bc he's white. Mans is dollar tree Kyrie."

TheCoco: "There is a legit argument for both. I’d lean Luka slightly mainly because of size."

It seems like most fans believe that Luka is the better player. Considering that Doncic still has his whole career ahead of him, it is quite appropriate to put him over Lillard.

No disrespect to Lillard, but by the time Luka reaches his age, he will probably be ahead of Dame in terms of accolades and even playoff experience.

Additionally, as a few fans pointed out, Luka's skill set is more diverse and it adds more value to him as a player. The only thing that he needs to improve is his defense, once he figures that out, he might go down as one of the best players in NBA history, when his career is over.