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NBA Fans Debate Who Is The GOAT For Each Position: "SF Is LeBron, C Is Kareem, PG Is Magic."

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In the NBA, generally, most people think that there is one player that is the greatest. Most people think that it's Michael Jordan, but others have pointed to names such as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and LeBron James as players that could be considered the GOAT of the sport.

Everyone has their own opinion on who the GOAT is, and some believe that there can be multiple GOATs of a sport. Rick Barry previously suggested that there can't be one GOAT, and suggested that players should be sorted by positions in GOAT debates.

Why does everybody want to talk about the GOAT?... Everybody talks about the GOAT. You cannot, in team sports, pick the greatest player of all-time. It has to be by position.

So if they want to do something, pick the players by position. The problem is now, you don't have guys that are classified as centers. You look to see the GM survey that they had. The GMs are talking and voting about players, and putting different players in 3 different positions.

Talk about the bigs, have the conversation, who is the greatest center of all time? Who is the greatest power forward? Who is the greatest small forward? Who is the greatest two guard. Who is the greatest point guard.

Now you can have a meaningful discussion. You can't compare Magic Johnson to Wilt Chamberlain. You just can't do that. Because the skills required to play each position are different. So I go nuts, when I hear Michael's the greatest... oh no, LeBron's the greatest of all time, he's the greatest of all time. Have a discussion about positions, and now you can have some fun.

Recently, there was a post on Reddit that asked about who the GOAT of each position would be. The post stemmed from user tisdue pointing out that Tim Duncan and Michael Jordan are widely regarded as the greatest players for their position, and them asking who would be the GOAT for the other 3 positions. Fans' answers varied, and it's clear that even sorting GOATs by position is difficult.

If Tim Duncan is the greatest PF ever, and Jordan is the best SG, who are the GOATs at the other 3 positions?

Try to only pick one! PG, SF, C. Who do you have? Active or not, obviously. And I just need a couple more words, there.

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There is no doubt that this was a difficult thought exercise for many fans. Some fans simply picked the best players at each position, while others based their picks on what the best lineup featuring GOATs would look like.

At the end of the day, everyone's thoughts on this issue would be different. Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are generally considered the greatest at their positions, but there were people who suggested that Stephen Curry and Hakeem Olajuwon would be fine as the GOATs at those positions as well. This debate has clearly garnered a lot of responses, and it is definitely interesting to see just how many outlooks there are on this issue.