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NBA Fans Debate Who They Would Start, Bench Or Cut: Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, And Steve Nash

NBA Fans Debate Who They Would Start, Bench Or Cut: Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook And Steve Nash

NBA fans don't hesitate to debate whatever topic in the league. The star-cut-bench exercises are very famous around the community, and whenever somebody finds three players with a similar level of success, styles of play, and more, fans won't hesitate to prove their points. 

Current and former players are often included in these discussions, which can make things harder for fans. Still, there are others who don't have doubts and know very well what they'd do if they were a coach/GM. 

In recent hours, Instagram page 'Dunk' shared a pic of a Twitter user asking fans who they'd cut between three remarkable point guards. 

Start, bench, cut (All in their primes)

Chris Paul

Russell Westbrook

Steve Nash

As usual, many fans commented on this, making a case for each of these players.


While some said that Russell Westbrook's prime was the best of all, as he won an MVP in 2017, others used his current moment with the Los Angeles Lakers to discredit all the things he did during his best years. 

Brodie had a terrific tenure in Oklahoma City. Even though he only reached the NBA Finals once with the Thunder (with Kevin Durant and James Harden), the player left his everything to compete in OKC, even winning the MVP award in 2017. His best years showed us that he was a bad man and could dominate any opponent on a nightly basis. 

Chris Paul's longevity is incredible, as he's been playing at the highest level since his first year in the league. He doesn't get the same credit as LeBron James, but CP3 keeps showing that he's one of the best players in the league. It's hard to define where he hit his peak, but it doesn't seem like he has slowed down. 

Steve Nash, contrary to Westbrook and Paul, didn't play in the Finals, but he won two straight MVP awards during his best days. The Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks icon took a little longer to become a great player, but once he exploded, there was no stopping. 

Whoever your pick was, you would have excellent starting and substitute point guards. These are three of the most talented point guards in NBA history and the decision to this question would be attached to your personal taste.