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NBA Fans Debate Who Would Win In A 3-On-3 Match: Magic, Kobe, Shaq vs. Curry, Jordan, Hakeem

NBA Fans Debate Who Would Win In A 3-On-3 Match: Magic, Kobe, Shaq vs. Curry, Jordan, Hakeem

Each generation of the NBA has seen some players who are considered the cream of the crop. We can spend all day comparing them with each other and debating who would come out on the top.

Similarly, there have been numerous debates about creating imaginary teams featuring players from different eras playing on a single team. Today, we are talking about two such teams.

Team 1 features Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, and Shaquille O'Neal. The three players have played a crucial role in establishing the Los Angeles Lakers as one of the best teams in league history.

Team 2 features Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan, and Hakeem Olajuwon. While these players have never played for a single team in the NBA, they are some of the best players at their respective positions.

So, the two teams considered have two guards and a center. Consider that both teams seem evenly matched, at least on paper. NBA fans shared their views about which team would come on top if such a match were to ever be played.

blakejarrell8: "Curry outscore magic, Jordan is better than kobe, and hakeem and shaq would battle it out, but shaq would win that battle, 2-1 Jordan's team wins."

qweezyhendrix: "Exactly smh ppl so caught up in that era bs that they fail to realize Magic was special cuz he 6’9 playing POINT GUARD lol gotta be fast for shit like that then the height advantage is killer for Steph who not that great of a defender."

bigbakedjew: "Idk Hakeem is the one center I feel can figure shaq out or at least be neutral."

yaro.taranenko: "In 3v3 the spacing curry provides would be unfair."

cartel203: "Magic posting up curry everytime , cant double cause its 3v3."

cf.44_:"Jordan and it wouldn’t be close. 2 most skilled scorers ever and a massive man who has gotten multiple quad doubles and is one of the few ppl who can guard and play agaisnt shaq."

austinzink23: "The left side has almost no spacing except for Kobe."

jjmorelojamison: "Tough but the chef is cooking."

squidwardtentacles060: "Right perfect balance of shooting, playmaking, defense, rebounding, etc."

bradysmith._: "i thought that was lebron kobe shaq but now that i see it’s magic i’m taking curry hakeem and jordan."

jjohnson.___: "Left, Magic is better than Curry Jordan > Kobe Shaq is slightly better than Hakeem but I say left because Curry would be a very week asset on defense."

_samuelu_: "Right in prime not even close who's marking Chef Curry and Goat MJ it's basically big Shaq vs Goat MJ and Chef Curry as well Hakeem Olajuwon😂🔥🙌❤️ ain't nobody stopping this big 3 without a question."

ig_entryop: "The amount of spacing curry can create in a 3v3 is off the charts!!!"

unblock_me_thx: "Easily the lakers one."

It seems that most fans believe that the team featuring Curry, Jordan, and Hakeem would easily defeat the Lakers squad. 

While it is true that scoring-wise, it would be really hard to stop that team, but when it comes to defense Curry is a weak spot. 

So it would be a really close matchup and it would come down to how well Curry matches up against Magic. Other than that, most believe team Jordan takes the W all day long.