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NBA Fans Debate Who Would Win In A 7-Game Series: All-NBA Hated Team Or All-NBA Loved Team

NBA Fans Debate Who Would Win In A 7-Game Series: All-NBA Hated Team Or All-NBA Loved Team

The NBA is a star-driven league, and every team's fanbase dearly loves their superstars, and many find the time to also hate on their rivals' best players. However, it's safe to say that there are several stars across the league that are beloved even without team allegiances being considered a factor. In contrast, others get hated on across the league. 

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are prime examples, KD for joining the 73-9 Warriors and Russ thanks to his deteriorating level of play with the Lakers. James Harden and Joel Embiid also get a lot of hate thanks to how much they get to the free-throw line, and it becomes apparent online. 

Inversely, there are wholesome superstars like Steph Curry and Giannis Antetokounmpo, who are almost universally admired. An NBA fan recently posted a question on Twitter asking which team would beat the other in a 7-game series, a team with the most loved players or a team with the most hated ones. 

The All-NBA Hated team features Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Paul George, and Joel Embiid. In contrast, the All-NBA Loved team has Stephen Curry, and Klay Thompson, along with Jayson Tatum, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Nikola Jokic.

"All NBA Loved team in 5."

"All-NBA Hated team would takes this series in 4."

"Giannis and Joker surrounded by shooters? Good Night."

"KD with PG and Embiid is literally unbeatable."

"Close but with each player in their prime, the Hated team takes it."

"Bro Giannis with Klay and Steph spacing would be impossible to stop."

"Bron should've been on most hated and they would've won."

"A series like this would easily go 7."

"Ya'll telling me Kyrie Irving isn't hated?"

"The Hated team for sure wins this."

"The Loved team has so many players still at their peak, they're winning."

"This isn't a debate, Hated team wins easy."

"I would say Hated team if y'all put Kyrie in over Russ."

"Idk who's loved and hated, but I'd pay to watch this as a series."

There is no objective answer to this question, all the players in these teams are elite stars in the NBA, and a series like this would go to at least seven games. There is something to be said about giving superstars their flowers while they're here, though, the comments make it clear that even the players that are on the All-NBA Hated team have the respect of many fans.