NBA Fans Destroy Hassan Whiteside Because He Doesn't Know How Time Zone Works

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Portland Trail Blazers' big man Hassan Whiteside is under fire right now after one tweet got out of control and led to people blasting him for not having a basic knowledge of geography or how time zones work. One pic of a tweet from Whiteside saw the light, where he said he was leaving America but he wasn't going too far.

"i can't do this for four more years f*ck america bro im moving to hawaii," this tweet read.

Whiteside clapped back and stated it was fake, saying it wasn't even 9:36 where he was. Obviously, that raised more criticism towards the player, who apparently doesn't know how time zone works, not even knowing that he lives in Oregon.

Well, fans weren't having it and they started to troll the player for not knowing this basic stuff.

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Whiteside has been the subject of criticism ever since he entered the league, with people blasting him due to his attitude in certain moments, playing like he doesn't care about the game at all. Well, now you can add another thing he doesn't have any interest in, time zones. This season, Whiteside and his Trail Blazers were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs by the Los Angeles Lakers.

Now the man is getting ready for the next season, trying to improve his level and take his team to compete in the West. As for now, he's getting a big backlash for not knowing something basic for most people.