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NBA Fans Destroy Kevin Durant And The Nets After Celtics Win Game 2: "Did A Magic Act And Disappeared In The Second Half."

Kevin Durant

After a second-straight playoff defeat, the Brooklyn Nets went home on Wednesday with a whole lot of unanswered questions and doubt. Following the build-up of a double-digit lead early on, they lost the game by 7 and head home in an 0-2 hole.

Kevin Durant scored 27 points on just 23.5% shooting while Irving dropped just 10 points on 30.8% shooting. It was a true masterclass of dysfunction for Brooklyn -- and it put them in the crosshairs of countless Twitter users online.

The Nets and their stars (and even head coach Steve Nash) were called out:

Since the start of the Durant/Irving era, the Nets have seen surprisingly minimal playoff success. Now, with both players healthy and in top basketball shape, there was an expectation for them to make some serious noise. They have failed in that regard.

To some, the Nets never had a chance to beat this Boston team.

"There's no way they can beat the Celtics," said Charles Barkley. "They [the Nets] got two great players and they both probably played as good as they can play. Kevin Durant was fabulous with his passing and his defense. Kyrie was great. Other than that, I know they can't beat the Celtics now. All these fools on these other morning talk shows can let this ship sail. Both of those guys played great and they barely beat a mediocre Cavs team."

Still, the series isn't over yet.  Not only are the Nets returning to their home turf, but they are also on the verge of welcoming Ben Simmons, who is reportedly just days away from his season debut.

With Ben and some adjustments, the Nets could easily turn this series back in their favor.

But, for now, there is an unmistakable sense of doom for the franchise and at the thought of where things might go if they lose this series.