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NBA Fans Destroy Kevin Durant's Hair: "My Man KD Wanna Go Everywhere But The Barbershop."

NBA Fans Destroy Kevin Durant's Hair: "My Man KD Wanna Go Everywhere But The Barbershop."

Kevin Durant is the talk of the town right now after his shocking transfer request. The Brooklyn Nets superstar has earned a lot of criticism recently due to his desire to leave the Nets after a tumultuous 2021/22 NBA season. Durant has gotten used to being criticized, but that doesn't stop fans from taking shots at him and doesn't stop him from responding, either.

It seems like every day, fans find a new way to make fun of the 2x NBA champion, and now they're using one of his worst pictures to troll him on social media. An old pic of KD talking to somebody while checking his phone has made the rounds. Initially, the pic doesn't have anything remarkable until you check KD's head. 

He had some empty spots there, and his hairstyle didn't help him either, which opened the door for fans to make a lot of jokes about it. After Basketball Forever shared the pic on Instagram, many fans reacted to it, destroying Durant's hair. 

KD don’t believe in barber shops lol😂

When you get buckets, they ain’t looking at your head

This picture makes me feel uncomfortable 😵‍💫

Heaven or Hell now that’s the question…..

he bouta beat the person tha took this picture 😂😂😂

Bro got 500mil+ he aint worried bout no dam hair🤣

😂😂😂😂😂this is ridiculous ong 🤦🏽

Kd gets buckets tho

Bruh 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Dudes overdue for a shave..

That’s outta pocket

Kd got some nice friends and teammates to let him walk around like that and not flame him once

Man just wakes up and hoops

So that's where the design inspiration of his signature shoes came from

Bro this gottaaaa be edited. 💀

He tryna do the Harden

Clearly, Durant isn't a fan favorite due to certain decisions he's made during his career, but the player is at peace with that. Of course, playing with somebody going bald can hit some nerves, especially if that person is KD. Still, this image has been around for a while, and he hasn't addressed it yet, and that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon.