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NBA Fans Destroy Kyle Kuzma After Pic Posing With Western Conference Trophy

NBA Fans Destroy Kyle Kuzma After Pic Posting With Western Conference Trophy

NBA fans are destroying Kyle Kuzma after he appeared in a picture holding the Western Conference trophy. He is part of the Los Angeles Lakers and deserves to celebrate, like the rest of his teammates, but not everybody is happy or convinced that he should be so proud if he didn't do much to help his team.

The Los Angeles Lakers are living their best life right now after making it to the NBA Finals for the first time in 10 years. The purple and gold didn't leave any doubts and totally dominated their rivals on their way to the big stage, losing only three games during their first three series.

LeBron James, Anthony Davis and other players like Rajon Rondo or Alex Caruso had great series and played great games to help their team succeed. However, Kuzma hasn't had a stellar performance during this postseason, struggling to find his best form and going from being the third-string on the roster to just another bench player. That's why fans aren't happy with him and how excited he looked in a picture with the trophy.

He has struggled throughout the postseason, even when people believed it was his time to step up and help Davis and James. Well, that hasn't been the case and Kuzma is receiving a lot of criticism for his game.

Now he's going to face one of the Miami Heat or Boston Celtics. That is the best time to demonstrate he can be a key figure for the Lakers and prove all doubters wrong. Until then, people will keep calling him out for his bad performances and the audacity of being so happy about the Lakers' success without making any major contribution.