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NBA Fans Destroy LaVar Ball And Big Baller Brand After The Unveiling Of New $900 Shoe

LaVar Ball

LaVar Ball has always been a man of extreme ambitions. Ever since his first son, Lonzo, made his way to the league, LaVar has been front and center in the media, trying to generate hype and fame for his family and his brand.

While LaVar's spotlight has narrowed tremendously over the years, it hasn't stopped the guy from continuing his work at "Big Baller Brand." In fact, he recently unveiled some new shoes, apparently designed by LiAngelo, which go for up to $900 a pair.

On the same day LaMelo officially unveiled his 1st Puma shoe, Lavar Ball announces new lifestyle shoes from Big Baller Brand.

Featuring Italian leathers, prices range from $695 for the “classic” colors to $895 for the “I Told You So” theme.

Big Baller Brand isn't insanely popular, but they're known for having pretty ridiculous prices on their products.

This time, though, the NBA community couldn't help but take notice and proceeded to absolutely roast booth LaVar and his company on Twitter.

Honestly, if LaVar's target audience is hoopers and athletes, he should have known better than to put out stuff that looks like that. Already, the reviews aren't looking very positive and it's clear that people just aren't digging the footwear.

To make matters even worse, LaMelo released his signature shoe today as well, and they put LaVar's newest products to shame.

(via Sneaker News)

Set to debut this December in a daring all-red colorway (and worn by LaMelo during last night’s pre-season game against the Heat), the PUMA MB.01 was co-designed by LaMelo in a very collaborative process with the brand’s designers. Its intricate detailing mirrors the “One Of One” mentality embodied by the Hornets star, while the “Not From Here” call-out at the base of the lace collar suggests LaMelo’s otherworldly style of play. On a performance standpoint, the MB.01 includes PUMA’s Nitro Foam throughout the midsole for superior responsiveness and comfort, full coverage non-slip rubber compound for enhanced durability and traction, and breathable monomesh for a supportive and ultra-lightweight feel. The 3D-printed disruptive upper construction completes the shoe’s sleek design.


So, yeah, it's not a good day for Big Baller Brand. They got absolutely embarrassed and outdone.

Of course, the Ball family remains close, and there is no doubt that LaVar loves to see his kids succeed. And, considering the family is already pretty well-off, Big Baller Brand isn't going anywhere -- and the enthusiastic father is going to keep on doing his thing, just like he always has.