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NBA Fans Discuss If A Team Of Brothers Would Win The NBA Championship: “Giannis And Steph Alone Are Good Enough”

NBA Fans Discuss If A Team Of Brothers Would Win The NBA Championship: “Giannis And Steph Alone Are Good Enough”

It's not a secret that NBA fans love to discuss hypothetical scenarios. This has been a common thing on social media for many years now. Besides the GOAT debate, they like to put imaginary teams against each other, often sparking big debates around the community. 

This won't stop happening and it seems like every day people come up with new ideas to keep things spicy. In recent days, we learned about this discussion of how a team made of only brothers would fare in the league, and it's fair to say that they would thrive if put together. 

Clutch Points' Instagram page shared an edit with 10 players, 5 tandems of brothers, and asked fans if they could win the NBA championship if they landed on the same team. 

Stephen and Seth Curry, Giannis and Thanasis Antetokounmpo, Lonzo and LaMelo Ball, Brook and Robin Lopez, and Jrue and Aaron Holiday are part of this interesting squad. NBA fans reacted to the post, saying they could smash the league by only having Stephen Curry and Giannis Antetokounmpo: 

Giannis and Steph is enough thank you

I love how each brother is a borderline star and the other one is just there

Having defensive and smart PG as well as great shooters and great players to attack the paint

Giannis and curry alone are low-key good enough 😂

You have Giannis and Steph on the same team... of course they win

That’s a solid squad imagine they have an actual SF

They could contend

Steph and Seth would be crazy 🔥

Steph lonzo giannis is enough

Lonzo, LaMelo, Curry, Giannis, Brook : yess

When you put top 5 PG All time with the best European player off all time and some of the best d players in the league like lonzo and Jrue it’s better than 95 bulls

Bro Steph and Giannis is a guaranteed chip 🏆

Conference finals is the farthest I got them going

We can't forget the Grant Brothers too

hell yes, dynasty 🔪🔥

Steph, Lonzo, Jrue, Giannis and Lopez sure makes a CFinal

Steph and Giannis alone win it all

Solid both sides of the court

if you have steph and giannis in one team is fucking over

Imagine the chemistry, but also the arguments lmao

Some of them didn't think they could even make it to the Finals, but most fans agreed that this team, even if they don't have a natural small forward, could do a lot of damage to the rest of the league. It's extremely unlikely to see this squad in the league, but it's nice to imagine how great they'd play if this team actually existed. 

Giannis and his brother Thanasis won the championship last season, so there's a precedent of two brothers doing it. However, a 10-brother team making it all the way to the championship is impossible to see in the NBA.