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NBA Fans Discuss If Kevin Durant Would Rather Play For The Suns Or The Trail Blazers: “A 38-Year-Old Chris Paul Isn’t Appealing...”

NBA Fans Discuss If Kevin Durant Would Rather Play For The Suns Or The Trail Blazers: “A 38 Year Old Chris Paul Isn’t Appealing...”

Ever since the news came out that Kevin Durant would request a trade if the Brooklyn Nets didn't resign Kyrie Irving, the NBA world has been buzzing at the prospect of watching Durant suit up in a different uniform next season. With the exception of maybe Golden State, the rest of the league would part with anyone and everyone to get KD on their team, and recruiting has already started on social media.

Damian Lillard posted a picture of himself and Durant in a Blazers jersey on social media and the duo would be great together. There has also been some talk of Durant to the Suns, as Phoenix does have DeAndre Ayton as an attractive sign-and-trade commodity and u/deadassynwa posed the question of what would be a more attractive destination for KD.


We'll look past this user cloning Josh Hart by mentioning him twice in this post as Redditors had a lot to say on this matter.

"I’m not sure if the Blazers could pull off the trade but seeing KD and Dame play together would be good basketball IMO and I want it to happen."

"I think CP3, Booker, and KD would be even better basketball."

"If the Suns keep Bridges them. If not Portland"

"If CP3 can still play like he’s 36 instead of 38 than the suns. If not, still the suns to a lesser extent"

"KD on the Blazers as the 07 draft originally wanted"

"Blazers. A 38 year old Chris Paul isn’t appealing lol"

"Blazers look tempting right now with Lilliard/Grant/Nurkic. Good depth off the bench. No clue how they get him though."

"I would say the blazers just due to cp3s age"

"The Sun's without Ayton and Bridges leaves just an old CP3 and Booker. I'd go with the Blazers."

"Suns would have their youth gutted to get KD which is what made them good to begin with while Portland would’ve rely on their youth to compete. Portland offers the better landing spot imo."

"blazers because i dont wanna live in a desert"

"Suns. CP3 is the perfect facilitator/PG Kevin could use instead of another scoring guard and he’ll have that too in Book.

Harden to the nets was huge because he can be the facilitating bridge between KD and Kyrie being primarily scorers. I like CP3 being that for KD and Book"

"Suns seem like they’d be in a better position to compete."

"Suns easily. Deep bench, CP3 still has one of the highest IQs and the threat from Booker would make his job a lot easier."

"Blazers. Dame > everyone on the Suns. Not sure how the hell Portland makes a competitive offer though."

"People still really think Chris Paul can win a title. Y’all amaze me. Absolutely wild."

"I love Dame. But the Booker + CP3 >>> Dame. By some distance.

Suns offer blows Portland out of the water. Assuming they offer equal picks and swaps. Ayton and Bridges versus Portland's filler (Hart + Bledsoe) + young guys (Sharpe / Simons / Keon). Not even close"

"Suns would suck if they trade Ayton and Mikal imo. Where would the defence come from then?"

"One has an owner who penny pinches. The other has Jodi Allen with her brother’s 20 billion or potentially Phil Knight from Nike when he buys the team."

"Chris Paul, Booker and KD would be a sight to see."

They are both intriguing options and it speaks to KD's greatness that he can just slot into any situation. The fact of the matter, however, is that it is going to take a massive package of assets to get him from the Nets as he has 4 years left on his deal. They are going to ask for a King's ransom and it's going to severely deplete the roster of whoever gets him.

Durant is in a rough spot here and it will be interesting to see how things pan out with him once we get a confirmation on Irving's future.