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NBA Fans Engage In Heated Debate: "Ben Simmons Is What The Media Tries To Convince You Kyrie Irving Is"

NBA Fans Engage In Heated Debate: "Ben Simmons Is What The Media Tries To Convince You Kyrie Irving Is"

Several months after his Game 7 collapse in the second round of the 2021 NBA playoff, Ben Simmons is still the talk of the town in the league. This offseason, the point guard is trying to force his way out of Philadelphia to start a new chapter in his career with a different franchise. 

This situation has gotten worse by the day, with Simmons making it clear he won't play another game with the Sixers or attend the upcoming training camp. Even after Joel Embiid and Doc Rivers tried to change his mind, Simmons is set to leave the organization as soon as possible. 

Moreover, he refused to meet teammates in Los Angeles, telling them that he won't change his mind about wanting to be traded. Ben has earned a lot of criticism for his tactics, and some fans have taken this opportunity to blast him while praising other stars. 

Recently, one Twitter user compared Simmons to Kyrie Irving, saying that the former is worse than the latter, yet the media insist on making Irving the villain every time they can. 

"Ben Simmons is what the media tries to convince you Kyrie Irving is," 'Depressed Nets Fan tweeted. 

This sparked a lot of reactions from the community. Plenty of fans defended Simmons, naming the things that make Kyrie a hateful player, while others defended the Brooklyn Nets superstar. 

We are in front of two polarizing players, but Simmons hasn't been involved in as many controversies as Kyrie. The Australian player's shooting struggles are more visible every year, which is a big issue for fans. 

However, there's not much more to that. Simmons just needs to overcome those issues, get it together and become the player he's expected to become since his rookie season. As for Kyrie, the situation is a little more complex. The veteran guard is one of the most outspoken players out there, but that personality constantly gets him in trouble. 

These situations are completely different, and Simmons isn't as bad as some people want to believe.