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NBA Fans Engage In Hot Debate: "Kyrie Can’t Win Without Bron”, "Harden Is Huge Playoff Choker”, "Durant Needs 73-9 Team To Win”

Credit: JakePabloMedia

Credit: JakePabloMedia

The NBA community is very active now that the offseason finally started. It's trade season and everybody has something to say about the rumors and potential trades that could happen in the next hours and days. The hottest topics in the league right now is James Harden and his future after he requested a trade from the Houston Rockets. Houston can't do anything to retain him but they want something big in return for the 2018 NBA MVP.

Harden has expressed his desire to go play in the Nets alongside Kevin Durant but the Rockets will only agree to that move if the Nets ship Kyrie Irving to Houston. That is a huge move for both teams but if the Nets manage to convince the Rockets to deal Harden without losing Irving or Durant, Brooklyn would have a terrific Big 3. NBA fans are well aware of that and the narratives that they carry at this point of their career.

One NBA fan sparked the debate on Twitter when he pointed out all the things said about Irving, Harden, and Durant over the past couple of years, making it clear that they don't want to hear any complaints about this potential team.

Of course, fans reacted, others agreeing with this person, others responding to what he said and others reminding them that NBA Twitter will always find a way to complain about anything.

This is not done yet but NBA fans are expecting to see what is going to happen with Harden. He still has other options like the Philadelphia 76ers and before their two blockbuster trades, the Milwaukee Bucks. We are entering the second day of the offseason and we'll probably hear a lot about Harden and his team.