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NBA Fans Go Crazy Over 'Inexplicable' Sequence In College Basketball

Credit: Big Ten Network

Credit: Big Ten Network

NBA and basketball fans, in general, found a very weird situation in college basketball in recent days when a live broadcast caught something that didn't seem to be possible for plenty of people.

Sometimes you find things that don't seem to have a rational explanation but when you see that on live TV, everything gets weirder for everybody.

That is what happened in a recent broadcast of the NCAA's Big Ten Conference that featured Illinois and Ohio State University. At some point, while Adam Miller (Illinois) walked around the court, fans saw how a player from the rival team move with the court even though he was sitting on the floor.

It looked like the floor moved the player as Miller walked, which raised a lot of eyebrows around the basketball community.

Well, basketball fans tried to figure out what was happening there. While some offered some good explanations, others were shocked to see what was happening during those moments.

It does seem like it was a camera effect and nothing else but you can't avoid feeling kind of weird watching that sequence. In the end, Ohio State ended up winning the game 87-81 over Illinois, with Miller scoring 14 points.