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NBA Fans Mock Tracy McGrady After They Found His Outfit On NBA TV In 2013

NBA Fans Mock Tracy McGrady After They Found His Outfit On NBA TV In 2013

The NBA is one of the most fashion-conscious leagues in the world. The players have some of the biggest endorsement deals with the leading apparel makers in the world. Street culture had been dominated by the look of the NBA in the 2000s, but the newer players have been reinventing the wheel.

Players are into luxury fashion now, and the fashion walkway at the start of games shows what the players were wearing when they came into the arena that day. Players like Russell Westbrook, Devin Booker, and Kyle Kuzma, among many others, have been using that walkway to express their bold fashion tastes.

The fans recognize the fashion and often criticize when players don't pull off a good fit. So when Twitter account @badfitpics decided to share a picture of Tracy McGrady from 2013 in a suit with oversized pants, the fans decided to have their fun with it. 

NBA Twitter has had a great day at the expense of McGrady's old fit on NBA TV, but he is dressed way better now when he makes media appearances. McGrady spent years being a regular guest on ESPN shows as an analyst and is now running his own basketball league.

NBA players and baggy suit pants are not a new combination. It is something that we saw on full display in the 2003 NBA Draft, with the infamous picture of the draftees standing on stage with their extremely baggy suits. That didn't stop that draft class from giving us 4 Hall of Famers with the top 5 picks, so what difference does the fit make after all?

We like seeing multi-millionaire athletes dressed to their status. They have a much higher standard, so when we see odd decisions like this, it is fun to joke at their expense. T-Mac probably doesn't care about this, and we will move on to the next NBA player that makes a horrible fashion choice.