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NBA Fans Not Happy With Golden State Warriors Ratings In NBA 2K23: "No Love For The Defending Champs"

NBA Fans Not Happy With Golden State Warriors Ratings In NBA 2K23: "No Love For The Defending Champs"

NBA 2K season is already around the corner as the game releases on 8th September, with many facts about the game coming out via leaks. We already know this year's game is going to feature many new modes, especially the revamped MyNBA 'Eras' mode where players will most likely play with the in-game rosters.

Naturally, ratings are a very important part of the video game rollout cycle. NBA 2K didn't reveal ratings officially but all the clips of the game that have leaked have shown what ratings some teams and players will have. Russell Westbrook is a 78 overall and that has already created a furor amongst Laker fans, but what about the defending champions Warriors?

The Golden State Warriors ratings were shared as well and the fans believe the defending champions have been disrespected with the ratings the players on the team have.

Have The Golden State Warriors Received Fair Ratings?

Video game overalls shouldn't always be such a serious reflection of what happens in the actual game that is played on the court. However, video games are the only place where you can see players get detailed stats that can be compared to other teams around the league. 

Andrew Wiggins performed well over expectations in the playoffs and many rightfully want him to be a higher overall in the game. Wiggins was crucial to the Warriors beating the Dallas Mavericks and Boston Celtics, primarily because of the amazing defense that he had played in those series. 

Klay Thompson had shown that he was affected by his naturally declining ability and readjusting to the game after 2 years spent with injury, so his rating shouldn't be extremely controversial. Draymond Green was an All-Star and in DPOY conversations, so it is upsetting to see him ranked where he is as well. If Curry is the best player in the game or tied for the same, 96 will be a completely fair rating for the reigning Finals MVP.