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NBA Fans On Which Dream Matchup They Would Want To See Live: "Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan Would Be The Greatest 1-On-1 Ever"

NBA Fans On Which Dream Matchup They Would Want To See Live: "Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan Would Be The Greatest 1-On-1 Ever"

The NBA has seen some pretty amazing players grace the hardwood over the years. Fans have witnessed breathtaking rivalries in each era. Despite that, we can't stop ourselves from wondering about some matchups that couldn't happen.

After all, the league has been around for several years, and no matter how much we wish, we cannot see all of our favorite players play with each other. But what if you could see one of these potential matchups live?

There are so many options to pick from. From LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan to Shaquille O'Neal vs. Wilt Chamberlain, there are simply too many potential dream matchups that fans would love to see live.

On that note, the Instagram page 'oldschool_hoops' recently released a post on their page about the same topic.

They used 10 slides in their post to ask fans which dream matchup they would love to see. Well, as expected, the comments section of the post was quickly full of answers from NBA fans.

that_account_name: "Dray vs Rodman game to 11 would take forever 😂."

bwa.kevinn: "Shaq killing Dwight every time."

50pointerz: "Who wanna see Zion and Chuck 🤣🤣🤣🤣."

triley458: "I would pay money to watch Ben Simmons suck."

ferron89: "WTF is that last matchup…2 truths and a lie?"

jasonhowerton88: "Kyrie is way more versatile then AI, the great Kobe Bryant over MJ any day of the week , Lebron would destroy magic . I’d take Pippin over kawhi .. Shaq is in a league of his own and would murder Dwight . Draymond and Rodman would fight before the game is over."

ange11eon: "Draymond vs Rodman ending up in a 0-0 tie."

theemannybains: "What’s up with Jordan dunking on Kobe. The disrespect is real."

htx_trecee: "Disrespectful with the last 2 slides 😂😂😂."

coby__webber: "Jordan vs Kobe would be as good as it gets."

theblackharpoon: "Prime MJ/Kobe 🔥 // LeBron prolly gets over Magic // Shaq beats Howard no question // Prime Barkley cooks up Zion // ¢ v. TMac 🔥 // Ben outshoots Reggie and Curry... 😂😂😂."

savior1am: "Ya know ya did Ben Simmons flagrant 🤣."

iamkingvelly: "It should of been Ben Simmons against rondo 😂😂😂."

scoob_1023: "I'd love to see Kobe and Mike in their primes Iverson and kyrie would be interesting."

One matchup that got the most laughs out of fans was on the last side, which featured Ben Simmons hitting a three-pointer over Stephen Curry and Reggie Miller.

Jokes aside, most fans believe that the matchups between Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant and Allen Iverson vs. Kyrie Irving would probably be the most interesting ones. Unfortunately, we will never be able to find out who will win these matchups.