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NBA Fan's Perfect Description Of Trae Young And Luka Doncic: 'The Definition Of A Win-Win Trade'

Credit: TW/MJsGoat

Credit: TW/MJsGoat

The Dallas Mavericks and Atlanta Hawks made a big move during the 2018 NBA draft. Both teams exchanged what they considered their franchise players and the results have been extremely great for both franchises. That night, Luka Doncic was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks with the 3rd overall pick of the night but he was quickly shipped to Dallas in exchange for Trae Young, who was selected two positions after the Slovenian player.

It's been three years since that moment and it's not a secret that was the best decision for both teams. Both players have become stars in the NBA and even though this season has started differently for them, there is no doubt that they made the right decision. That's why one NBA fan perfectly described this as "the definition of a win-win trade," as Luka and Trae are ready to light the league up with their talents.

They became All-Stars in their sophomore years in the league; they are expected to continue growing and improving their game and to be fair, they have big chances to become the faces of the league in the future. The potential they have is huge and it remains to be seen which one is going to win a title first.

Luka is considered the favorite to win the MVP award this season by oddsmakers; Trae is expected to lead his Hawks to the postseason after a very moved offseason and those expectations will continue to get bigger season after season. They have fought against all odds to demonstrate they have what it takes to be successful in the league. Last year, executives picked Luka Doncic as the best player under 25 to build a franchise around while Trae got zero votes.

Back in 2018, one fan claimed they weren't legit top 5 picks and seeing how things have fared for them, that was proven wrong by the young stars. The future is bright for them and nobody knows where is their roof. Luka is averaging 25.8 points, 9.0 rebounds and 7.2 assists per game this season while shooting 44.2 from the field and a poor 19.3% from deep, something that has earned him plenty of criticism this campaign.

Young is recording 28.6 points, 4.1 rebounds and 9.1 assists this season, shooting for 44.4% from the field and 33.3% from beyond the arc. It's still early to say who's going to have a better career but the Hawks and Mavs really hit jackpot with these ballers.

Although fans have tried to create some feud between them, Luka and Trae have demonstrated they have a great relationship, especially considering how connected their NBA careers were from the very beginning.