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NBA Fans Pick Their 3 Best Players Among 9 Stars: "If You Don't Select Harden, Kawhi, And Chris Paul, You Don't Know Basketball"

NBA Fans Pick Their 3 Best Players Among 9 Stars: "If You Don't Select Harden, Kawhi And Chris Paul, You Don't Know Basketball"

From time to time, NBA fans engage in some pretty interesting debates online. Recently, many laid out their honest thoughts about which NBA superteam really broke the league. And now, there is another captivating debate taking place on Twitter.

This time around, the Twitter account "NBA Central" asked its followers to pick the three best players in the NBA. But there is a twist: fans only have a small pool of nine players to pick from.

It also seems that the post highlights all nine players in a special era during their careers. This further increases the excitement and will evidently have an impact on the fans' decision to pick the three best players from the list.

Speaking of the list, the nine players in question are Russell Westbrook (OKC), Carmelo Anthony (NYK), Dwight Howard (ORL), James Harden (HOU), Derrick Rose (CHI), Anthony Davis (NOLA), Paul George (IND), Chris Paul (NOH), and Kawhi Leonard (SAS).

Well, this is a great set of players to pick from. Each player has a deserving case for being one of the best players in the league during that time. But which 3 players have the most fans picked? Let's take a look at the best comments on the tweet:

Looking at the comments, it is obvious that a few fans didn't understand the concept of the post. On the other hand, the ones that did understand seem to believe that Kawhi Leonard, Chris Paul, and Derrick Rose/James Harden are the best here. 

A few fans made a case for Dwight Howard and Carmelo Anthony as well. To be honest, all the players on the list were insane during their primes. But even among them, the likes of Kawhi, Harden, and Rose were simply too much for their opponents.

Anyway, everyone has a different opinion, and it is hard to see getting a consensus decision for this debate. Because many haven't even watched a few players on the list play during their prime and thus, it is hard for them to make a well-educated decision. 

If the image had players like LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant, the debate would have become a lot easier, albeit one-sided.