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NBA Fans Point Out Rarely Known Facts About Their Favorite Players: "LeBron And Steph Curry Were Born In The Same Hospital. Couple Of Kids From Akron."

NBA Fans Point Out Rarely Known Facts About Their Favorite Players: "LeBron And Steph Curry Were Born In The Same Hospital. Couple Of Kids From Akron."

LeBron James and Stephen Curry are two of the most influential players of our generation. James has been in the league for a long time and has helped his fellow NBA players get more freedom than ever regarding their careers.

On the other hand, when it comes to evolving the playing style of the modern-day NBA, there is probably no one who has had more impact on it than Stephen Curry. Curry's incredible 3-point shooting ability, which has helped him achieve so many great things in his career, has been adopted by the entire league.

Compared to a decade or so ago, no one used to shoot so many 3-pointers in the NBA. But look at those numbers now; each and every team is trying to knock down as many 3-pointers as possible.

Anyway, the two NBA superstars also had one of the greatest rivalries when they faced each other in the NBA Finals for four straight seasons. So it goes without saying that James and Curry are connected to each other in one way or another. No, quite literally.

An NBA fan on Reddit recently asked about some of the lesser-known facts about NBA superstars. Among some very interesting facts was the fact that James and Curry were born at the same hospital in Akron.

ItsKBS: James Harden has more 50 point games than KD, Curry and Giannis combined.

FlourRanger: Ben Wallace is the only player in NBA history to record more blocks than personal fouls and more steals than turnovers in his career.

radpandaparty: Carmelo has as many All-NBA selections as Chris Bosh, Paul Pierce, and Joe Johnson combined.

ikn240: In the playoffs during the first 3 peat MJ shot over 38% from 3 all three years.

Outland3r_: Pj Tucker's real name is Anthony Leon, PJ stands for Papa Jr. he also has siblings named Quetta and Quitta.

cyb3ryung: LeBron and Steph Curry were born in the same hospital. Couple of kids from Akron.

Kypster13: Tim Duncan never won DPOY despite holding the record for most All-Defensive Team selection in a career at 15. He also did not start playing basketball until high school. He was a swimmer until a hurricane took out the pool in his home of the Virgin Islands.

Agnk1765342: John Stockton had a higher career eFG% than Lebron.

BayTerp: Beal never made 1st team All-NBA even though he averaged over 30+ ppg in two different seasons.

Mioptop: Luka has as many All-NBA 1st teams as Bill Russell.

These were some really lesser-known interesting facts about some of our favorite NBA players.

Regardless of the many amazing facts provided by fans, our favorite is certainly the one about LeBron James and Stephen Curry. It only proves that phrase right that it indeed is a small world out there.