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NBA Fans Praise The Thunder GM Sam Presti For Creating A Super Tall Starting Lineup: "SGA 6'6", Giddey 6'8", Dort 6'3", Pokusevski 7'0", Chet 7'1""

NBA Fans Praise The Thunder GM Sam Presti For Creating A Super Tall Starting Lineup: "SGA 6'6", Giddey 6'8", Dort 6'3", Pokusevski 7'0", Chet 7'1""

A decade ago, the Oklahoma City Thunder were one of the best teams in the league. They faced off against the Miami Heat in the 2012 NBA Finals. Although the team was easily defeated by LeBron James and co., their core of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden were still very young at the time.

While most expected the OKC trio to someday win at least a couple of NBA Championships, that season was the height for the Thunder. First, James Harden left to sign with the Houston Rockets.

A few seasons later, Kevin Durant shocked the world by joining the 73-9 Golden State Warriors and betrayed Russell Westbrook. Although Russ improved exceptionally on an individual level, he wasn't able to carry the Thunder to any meaningful postseason runs.

In 2019, Westbrook also left the team, and it was clear that the Thunder would be going into rebuilding mode straight away. After all, they had accumulated a lot of future draft picks from various trades.

Well, with the 2022-23 NBA Summer League underway, it seems like the Thunder are already seeing the fruits of their patience.

NBA fans are already praising Oklahoma City Thunder general manager Sam Presti for his efforts and the results that he has produced with the team. Additionally, the potential starting 5 of the OKC is extremely gifted in terms of length.

Reddit user u/FatherOfKhris heaped full praise on Sam Presti for the brilliant work that he has done with the Thunder in recent years. Additionally, the post also became a debate forum for fans who believed whether this would be the starting 5 of the Thunder.

For reference, he named Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Josh Giddey, Luguentz Dort, Aleksej Pokusevski, and Chet Holmgren as potential starting 5 of the season in the upcoming season. Here's how the fans reacted to it.

-NilInvestment-: What even is the argument for Giddey being a SG and SGA being a PG?

7toCal: I’m starting to believe people think that Poku’s not just a meme.

Rockstar408: I'm hyped af about our core but Poku is NOT gonna be our long term starting 4 lol.

thuggyt: I don't know about Poku dawg... I know it's just summer league but he looks lost out there.

always_cozy: Presti is a mad scientist. He’s in such a unique position as a GM in that he has free reign to do almost anything he wants and has a historic war chest of draft picks. He’s pushing the team building process to extreme ends that nobody has ever considered going to. It’s fascinating to watch unfold. I think if Presti is successful he’s going to fundamentally change how NBA front offices plan for the future and how they evaluate talent.

GhostTiger: They so skinny if they turn is indeed easy to ignore them!

IMovedYourCheese: Formidable lineup for sure, but history has shown that expecting every promising young player to pan out exactly as you'd want a few years down the line is usually a losing bet.

Sociojoe: Is he building a team, or is he hiring extras for a fake alien autopsy movie?

_Jetto_: And they actually have a solid coach too.

kaiseresc: Presti's going nuts trying not to trade any of those for 1st round picks.

While many fans still have their doubts about the team, things are certainly heading towards in the right direction for the franchise.

If their young players develop into decent stars in the coming few years, then this experiment will be considered successful. But not every young player in the league will pan out to be a superstar in the NBA. So keep your fingers crossed, OKC fans.