NBA Fans React After Clippers' Game 2 Loss

NBA Fans React After Clippers' Game 2 Loss

After coming back and beating the Dallas Mavericks 4 times in 5 games, there was renewed faith that the Clippers would exorcise their demons and finally make the NBA Finals.

But now, just two games later, the Clips find themselves in a hole once again, and right back to being the subject of memes and jokes on Twitter.

The final score was 117-111. For the Clippers, Kawhi dropped 21 points and 5 assists on 47% shooting while Paul George had 27 points, 10 rebounds, and 6 assists on 44% shooting.

For the Jazz, it was all about Mitchell, who scored 37 points on 29 shots.

The Clippers will have a chance to swing momentum in their favor on Saturday when they are set to face off in Staples Center for the first time in the series.

And while the Clippers are still ripe with talent, many questions remain about their mental strength as a team. Can they step up in the biggest moments? Will they get in their own way?
So far, they've responded well. But down 0-2 again, to a better team than Dallas, climbing out of this hole may not prove as easy as the last.

We're going to find out what this team is made of real soon.