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NBA Fans React After Danuel House Posts Strange Video On Social Media

NBA Fans React After Danuel House Posts Strange Video

Danuel House once again made the headlines for the wrong reasons. The Houston Rockets player posted a bizarre video on social media a month after his infamous incident in the bubble and subsequent ejection from the Walt Disney Resort.

House posted a 13-second video on social media that caused a big impression on every NBA fan. In the video, he bites his lips before saying 'I want a little of' followed by some heavy sighs. This is just strange and NBA fans took notice of it.

While some laughed and made jokes about it, others took things more seriously, urging House to seek help and treat any mental health issue he would be having.

House was ejected from the bubble after breaking a couple of rules, hurting the Houston Rockets' chances to compete with the eventual NBA champions Los Angeles Lakers. Danuel allegedly had an unauthorized guest in his hotel room for several hours, which prompted the league to make that decision after an investigation.

It's unclear what is going on with House right now but this was disturbing footage.