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NBA Fans React After Isaiah Thomas Scores 8-Straight Points In His Pelicans Debut

(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

With the New Orleans Pelicans playing catch-up in the Western Conference standings, they looked to Isaiah Thomas to provide them with a scoring spark off the bench.

And while the move was highly praised by the community, nobody knew what to expect from the 32-year-old point guard.

Quickly, I.T. surpassed all expectations, coming in to drop 8 straight points for his team in his first few minutes as a Pelican.

Thomas has a pretty wild past in the NBA, one that includes an MVP-worthy campaign with the Celtics in 2017 and then a spell of hopping around to different rosters until he was out of the league completely. Now that he's back, the consensus among fans is that the dude still has plenty left in the tank...

It remains to be seen if Thomas can hold his own defensively (one of the glaring weaknesses of his game in the past), and if he can maintain his current trajectory through the length of the season.

But, for now, we're all just happy to see the guy back on the court, doing his thing, and helping his team in any way that he can.