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NBA Fans React After James Harden Takes Over Against Clippers: "Where Are The Apology Notes?"

James Harden

When James Harden signed with the Brooklyn Nets, there was much excitement about what he would bring to the table.

As an elite playmaker, ball handler, and scorer, his talents alone would make any team relevant in the title race. Alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, the Nets were perceived as the favorites.

Unfortunately, Harden hasn't quite been himself since his arrival in 'The Big Apple' and the Nets have suffered mightily because of it. Amid some rough games by Brooklyn, Harden was at the center of doubt and skepticism by fans throughout the NBA community.

But after Monday's game against the Clippers, in which he dropped 39 points and 15 assists, the mood has changed again, this time with fans recognizing the return of the Beard.

Admittedly, it's hard to imagine a 3x Scoring Champ and 1x MVP being counted out by so many people, but he's been getting a lot of heat over the past few weeks.

For a while there, he looked like a shell of himself, and some executives were even questioning if he was worth a max contract.

"Do you really want to max out Harden for five years right now? He turns 33 next summer and already looks to have lost a step. On the one hand, if Brooklyn isn’t interested in doing a five-year deal next summer, it leaves its flank open for Harden to seek greener pastures; but on the other, every other team is looking at the same risk factors, only they don’t have the sunk cost of all the draft picks Brooklyn gave up to acquire him."

While it remains to be seen if Harden can sustain this level of play for the rest of this season (and into the playoffs), he gave us all a good reminder of just how special he is.

And if the Nets want to have their best chance at raising the Larry O'Brien trophy in June, having this version of Harden is a necessity.