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NBA Fans React After Jaylen Brown Becomes Fourth Celtic Ever To Drop 50 Points And 10 Rebounds

Jaylen Brown

The Boston Celtics have had a pretty rough season so far. Despite early optimism about their chances to dominate the East, they've been massively underwhelming, showing inconsistency all season long.

On Sunday, however, the Celtics got a little glimpse at better going forward. Against the Jaylen Brown Magic, Jaylen Brown made a bit of history by scoring a whopping 50 points and 11 rebounds on 65% shooting.

On Twitter, fans were going wild with reactions, recognizing and celebrating Brown's amazing milestone.

Brown, 25, has emerged as a rising young star for Boston. In his 5+ years of experience, he has shown amazing capabilities on both ends of the floor.

Most encouraging has been the leadership he's shown so far. Even though his squad continues to struggle, he has not lost faith in their ability to turn things around.

“No question. I think it’s an obvious answer for me," said Tatum. "I know people are probably tired of hearing it, people have lost belief and faith, but mine is unwavering. I think we still can be a good team. I think we’ve shown it in spurts. I’ve been out for an extended point of time. I’m trying to get back. We’ve got guys out with COVID. I know that’s not an excuse or anything, other teams do as well. But if the question is, you asked, do I still believe? 100 percent, regardless of if anybody else does or not.”

On paper, the Celtics have too much talent to be counted out. Brown joins guys like Jayson Tatum, Marcus Smart, and Al Horford to make an impressive-looking rotation.

But do they have any hope of competing against the likes of Brooklyn, Miami, and Chicago? Maybe not this season, but don't be surprised to see the boys in green make some more noise in the future.

If tonight's game was any indication, Jaylen Brown is certainly someone who can take them over the top.