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NBA Fans React After Lakers Upset Nets In Huge Win

(via Complex)

(via Complex)

Without LeBron James and Anthony Davis, nobody was expecting the Lakers to come out victorious against the Nets on Saturday. Even sans James Harden, Brooklyn has more than enough firepower on paper to take care of business against their short-handed Western Conference competitors.

But, shocking, it was the Lakers who came out on top, smashing the Nets by 25 points (final score: 126-101).

On Twitter, fans had a field day with the upset, clowning the Nets and their stars for dropping such a seemingly easy win.

Kyle Kuzma himself even had something to say after the game:

No doubt, Brooklyn is the NBA's most hated ball club, thanks to the massively overpowered strength of their roster. This kind of loss, against a Lakers team without their two best players, was exactly the kind of game the "haters" were waiting for.

Unfortunately for us, it's the last time these two teams will face off this season. So, unless they see each other in the Finals, we'll never get to see what this matchup would have looked like at full strength.