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NBA Fans React After Man Finds Trae Young's Doppelgänger: "That’s Literally Trae Old"

Trae Old

Trae Young is one of the top young guards in the NBA right now. Playing for the Atlanta Hawks, the 6'1" guard has become a talisman for the team ever since he was drafted in 2018. Last season, Young and Co. had a disappointing showing in the league.

Coming off of an Eastern Conference Finals appearance, the Hawks were expected to make waves in the league. Ending the season with a 43-39 record, the Hawks failed to match the expectations. Although they made it to the playoffs, they were gentlemen swept in the first round itself. 

Given how disappointing their season was, the players are putting in extra effort in the offseason. Young is certainly not an exception to this. Spotted in multiple pro-am games, the 2-time All-Star has been putting up the work in the offseason.

While Young is busy putting in the work in the gym, fans were shocked to see the guard's doppelgänger in a parking lot. In a video posted by an NBA fan, multiple fans were shocked to see Young's lookalike.

"Many fans understandably had some hilarious reactions to seeing Trae's lookalike." 

"Nah this is wild they gotta be related somehow.. some way nah bro lol"

"That’s his father? Gotta be"

"This dude look just like you Trae"

"Maaaannn noo"

"My boy got ice in his veins fr"

"Ask trae if he wants to quit balling & think about the entertainment business."

"Man I can NOT stop laughing" 

"That’s literally Trae old"


"Nah bro that IS trae young"

"You funny bruh"

"Spot on"

"It's Trae"

This was certainly a hilarious post and given the uncanny similarity between the two, people had some incredibly funny reactions to the same. While people are laughing after seeing Trae's doppelgänger, the 23-year-old is entering a crucial year in his career as the Hawks now have added another star guard in Dejounte Murray alongside him.

Given the number of picks and players they had to give, a simple first-round exit won't suffice. What do you think is the ceiling of the Atlanta Hawks next season?