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NBA Fans React After Nets Beat Clippers To Go 2-0 On L.A. Road Trip

(via Clips Nation)

(via Clips Nation)

After a slow start to the "big three" era, the Brooklyn Nets are really starting to hit their stride.

Currently on a 6-game win streak, the team has gone undefeated in their latest West-coast tour, beating the Warriors, Kings, Suns, Lakers, and Clippers (the later two of which without Kevin Durant).

After yet another show of strength, NBA Twitter exploded with reactions.

There were a lot of concerns about the Nets early on -- including ball movement, defense, and potentially over-inflated egos.

So far, though, the Nets are putting to bed all those worries. They've improved in almost every aspect, and that's with KD and Kyrie having missed several games already. With a 20-12 record, it has become clear that Brooklyn is going to be a major threat in the postseason.

Of course, anything short of meeting that goal will equal complete disaster.