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NBA Fans React After Russell Westbrook Becomes First Player In NBA History With 15 Triple-Doubles Over A 20-Game Span



There was a time when triple-doubles were a pretty big deal. In fact, during Westbrook's MVP season, NBA Twitter practically threw a party every time he was able to finish with one for a game.

Nowadays, it seems that Russ has normalized the practice -- so much so, that it has seemingly become a lot less celebrated.

Still, after Russ posted another one tonight, and became the first player ever with 15 triple-doubles in 20 games, the internet couldn't help but explode with reactions.

The feedback was mostly positive, with many appreciating the performance they're getting from the Wizards star.

It was Westbrook who led the charge in Washington's most recent victory, beating the Pistons by 21 points to pick up their fourth straight win.

And while Russ is often blamed for his relentless and inefficient playstyle, the dude gives his all every time he's on the court. That alone might be why his team still has a chance to make that play-in tournament later this year.