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NBA Fans React To 50-Year-Old Allan Houston Draining Threes With Ease: "Only Missed 5 Shots In 30min. He Different."

NBA Fans React To 50-Year-Old Allan Houston Draining Threes With Ease: "Only Missed 5 Shots In 30min. He Different."

The use of 3-point shots has without a doubt increased a lot over the last decade or so. Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry deserves the credit for doing that. Following the footsteps of Curry, the entire league started to improve from beyond the 3-point arc.

Regardless of the position, it is quite crucial to be at least average from the 3-point line to increase your chances of being in the NBA for a long time. This is the current norm in the NBA, but there have always been a few players that have been quite good from the 3-point line.

The likes of Steve Kerr and Allan Houston come to mind. Kerr's great shooting played a crucial part when the Bulls won multiple NBA Championships. Anyway, today we are not here to talk about Kerr. Instead, our focus is on the former New York Knicks sharpshooter Allan Houston.

During his career, Houston was a phenomenal three-point shooter. After all, he shot 40.3% from the 3-point line throughout his career. Even though Houston retired from the NBA after the 2004-05 season, it seems like he still has a knack for shooting threes.

In a recent video, posted by the Instagram page "NBA Buzz" fans saw Houston drain threes after threes with ease. The biggest surprise? Well, he is currently 50 years old.

NBA fans fell in love after seeing the 2-time NBA All-Star shoot consistently from beyond the arc. This led to many fans sharing their views in the comments section. Here are some of the best reactions posted by fans below the Instagram post:

lethalshooter: "Seen it with my own two eyes. Walks right in the arena and only missed 5 shots in 30min. He different."

aydin_4: "Man that’s impressive, but what about the passer, straight to the shooters pocket, firm and straight. Shiiiit even I wouldn’t miss."

sethmarcel315: "Why wouldn't he be able to? He trained and memorized that shot for over 30 years. Do people forget how to walk after they've learned? It's called muscle memory.. the technical term is kinesthesia!"

flushcity67: "One of my favorites back in the day! Imagine him in todays NBA."

filip_silobod: "I play with him in nba live 2000remastered and he is crazy. Him, rice and dale ellis hardly miss."

masterleader83: "Breaking News: Allan Houston has just been offered a 10 day contact by the Los Angeles Lakers."

aham_bu_he_gave_a_hand: "His shot wasn’t as confident but his textbook smooth jumpshot form was just as good any great shooter in NBA History from Klay Thompson to Ray Allen you name it. Alan could ket it FLY and his shots usually had a very good probability of going in."

wollakaz0o: "I mean they call him H2O for a reason."

jstacks45: "Jumpshot never goes but he aint fighting around no screens no more!"

josue.granados.1149: "He’s not 150 years old so yeah I believe he can make a 3."

Without a doubt, Houston's jump shot looks pretty smooth. Many fans believe that a few teams might even offer him a 10-day contract. Of course, they were joking, but you can never guess what might happen in the NBA.

Jokes apart, Houston might be a tad bit too old to play in the league right now. But if were to play for a team, any guesses which team can use him?