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NBA Fans React To A Picture Of 'The Greatest Shooters Of All Time': "What Is Damian Lillard Doing Here?"

NBA Fans React To A Picture Of 'The Greatest Shooters Of All Time: "What Is Damian Lillard Doing Here?"

The NBA has enjoyed different eras during which different skills are valued. Big men dominated the early years before forwards and guards came to the fore and changed the game. The addition of the three-point line was a huge change to the way the game of basketball was played, and some of the best players in history have been elite shooters. 

There is a consensus on who the most brilliant shooters of all time are. Stephen Curry is undoubtedly the greatest ever, with Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, and Klay Thompson all in most people's Top 5s, as well. However, some are disputed, and one of those is Damian Lillard, who is an elite shooter, but often has his name omitted from these conversations. 

NBA Fans React To The Greatest Shooters Of All Time

NBA fans and analysts tend to make these lists and Top 5s from time to time. A page posted a picture of the 5 players mentioned before suggesting that Damian Lillard was among the best shooters ever. Naturally, this sparked a lot of debate in the comments, with many fans putting forward their takes on the situation.  

"What is Damian Lillard doing here?"

"I love Dame but no way, bro."

"Put Larry Bird in there and take Dame out bruh, what are you doing?"

"Where TF is Larry Bird?!? The hell kind of meme is this?!?"

"What the hell Dame doing in the picture then."

"Aye man, wth Dame doing in there? Lol."

"Dame is not in this conversation, lil bro."

"This picture is whack lol."

"That dude on the left sneaking in the picture doesn’t belong. Stop this."

"No Larry Bird in this is very disrespectful."

"Dame is clutch and can shoot threes well, but this is not the company he belongs in."

"Dame only good at the logo three."

"Nah Dame ain’t even close to none of these guys."

"I'm not that mad at thos pic y'all tripping."

"Too much Dame hate in the replies, bro."

"Dame deserves to be in this conversation too."

These things are often subjective, but it's safe to say that Damian Lillard isn't as great a pure shooter as a number of the other names in this picture. He is electric from range, but he still has a ways to go before being considered in the same breath as these other legends. It's an interesting discussion, to say the least, though.