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NBA Fans React To Adrian Wojnarowski Practicing Shots: "Get Woj A 10-Day Contract"

NBA Fans Reacts To Adrian Wojnarowski Practicing Shots: "Get Woj A 10-Day Contract"

Adrian Wojnarowski recently made a lot of noise on social media and not precisely for breaking news. The senior insider is well known for dropping his famous 'Woj bomb' whenever something hot happens in the league, but that wasn't the only thing he was dropping on Friday. 

The veteran was recorded practicing some shots at ESPN. He wasn't at a proper gym and didn't have an actual rim to make his shots, but Woj did what he could with what he had. 

Using a mini rim, that Chiney Ogwumike held for him, and a mini ball, Woj attempted three long-range shoots. He missed the first two by a minimum marge, before making the 3rd, with everybody celebrating that he made it. 

NBA fans reacted to this short but wholesome video, making jokes about Wojnarowski signing with an NBA team after making that shot. 

if he could continue providing league intel definitely teams would sign him

The Los Angeles lakers have decided to sign Adrian Wojnarowski, sources tell espn.

WOJ finna report his own trade by the 2nd day

He can take Westbrook’s place and it would go pretty much the same

“Woj from three… BANG!”

Per ESPN: Teams in heavy pursuit of Goran Dragic have now shifted their focus to Adrian Wojnarowski.

WOJ has made more 3's than Ben Simmons this year. let that sink in

Woj 🐐

Sources tell ESPN woj has is on a 10 day contract with the Houston rockets on a two way contract

He's only shooting 33% from the 3 point line. 

If he signed for a team would he legally be bound not to leak info? Could be worth signing just for that reason

Lecruit watching this

Idk if I can trust a 33% 3 point shooter after the All Star Break

Better than Ben Simmons

 It was a really fun moment for Wojnarowski and those around him. The insider showed a good shooting form, went 33.3% from beyond the arc, but it's still better than certain players in the league. We now have to wait and see if a team wants to sign him and if he's the first one to report it. 

Meanwhile, people are waiting for Woj to announce a new signing now that the buyout market is open and many players are up for grabs.