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NBA Fans React To Hilarious Pic Of James Harden In 2026

Credit: S1cked1ts

Credit: S1cked1ts

The NBA community can make some hilarious memes whenever they want and James Harden became one of their favorite victims in the last couple of weeks. During his last days with the Houston Rockets, Harden wasn't in shape, something that drastically changed when he arrived in the Brooklyn Nets.

Well, people didn't get over that and seeing Harden's ease to get chubby, S1cked1ts made a literal sick edit on how the Beard was going to look in 2026 if he kept the same habits he was having during his time with the Rockets. They shared the pic on Instagram, putting James Harden's face on the late AND1 legend "Escalade" while wearing the Nets uniform.

A lot of fans went crazy with this, although others reminded people that Harden wasn't even fat. The general consensus, though, was that it was hilarious and nothing else.

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Harden is now part of the Brooklyn Nets, having a good tenure with the team, helping them be the best possible team with his assists instead of his points. The 2018 NBA MVP is ready to take this team to the promised land, even though he won't be the central figure and although the Nets don't have a defense, their offense is incredibly great.

The season is still young and they have a lot of work to do but this team can make a lot of noise if they make the right adjustment. At least Harden started with that,not only with his game but his body.

Credit for idea: S1cked1t