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NBA Fans React To Kevin Durant Demanding The Nets Choose Between Him And Steve Nash And Sean Marks: "I'd Trade Him, Ain't No Player Telling Me What To Do."

NBA Insider Reveals What Nets Owner Joe Tsai Could Have Said To Kevin Durant When He Came To His Office

Kevin Durant's rift with the Brooklyn Nets has been well publicized throughout the offseason. His trade request set the entire league on notice, with several teams trying to figure out a way to land the superstar. With a deal seeming very hard to strike, though, there was speculation that KD would simply come around by the time the season started and give it another shot with the team. 

However, the latest reports about his meeting with Nets owner Joe Tsai would suggest otherwise. Durant has reportedly asked the franchise to choose between keeping him or keeping General Manager Sean Marks and Head Coach Steve Nash. This is an intense ultimatum, and it's almost impossible to tell how the Nets will react to being put into this situation. 

When the news was initially reported by Shams Charania, there were immediate reactions from fans, with opinions being split on what the Nets should do. 

"I'd trade him, ain't no player telling me what to do."

"KD may be the greatest player of all time if he gets Steve Nash fired."

"DURANT is a Drama King!"

"I’ve been saying it since the playoffs. Steve Nash got circles coached around him."

"If Joe Tsai fires Nash/Marks to appease KD, he’s also setting a dangerous precedent."

"Never a dull moment in the NBA best sport out there."

"Seems like an easy choice if your goal is to win a championship."

"How many L’s will player empowerment continue to take? Nash was KDs hand picked coach!"

"Didn’t think Nash was very good as a coach last year but this is kind of bullsh*t."

"Fire them man, losing KD means no chip for another decade."

"This is a terrible decision to have to make wtf."

"The next lockout is going to last 8 million years."

"The Nets only hired Steve Nash bc Kevin Durant wanted them to...and now he's threatening to leave over Steve Nash's presence."

The whole situation seems to have gotten a little bizarre, and it's hard to tell what Joe Tsai will do with this information. It would set a dangerous precedent to simply give in to KD's demands, but keeping him is the only way to immediately contend for a championship. This saga looks set to continue long into the offseason, and the Nets can only hope that they will come out better for it when it ends.