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NBA Fans React To Kyle Anderson's 40+ YMCA Fast Break

NBA Fans React To Kyle Anderson's 40+ YMCA Fast Break

Kyle Anderson must be one of the slowest players in the NBA, if not the slowest, and every night we get a piece of his slowness. It happened on the San Antonio Spurs and now with the Memphis Grizzlies, he's taking things to the next level.

The forward has become a famous name in the league due to his style of play and his slow pace, who is extremely different from the rest of the league. He showed that again on Sunday, with a "fast" break against the Philadelphia 76ers that made everybody crazy. In the middle of the first quarter, the player stole the ball from Tobias Harris and took off for the fast break.

It was a really slow play for Anderson, who got the points anyway but did it in a very awkward way. NBA fans reacted to the play, joking about him and his pace, that specific play, and more.

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Even though it's slow, it is effective for Kyle and as long as it works, he won't be changing his way of playing basketball. The Grizzlies won the game, 116-100, winning their 24th game of the season, ranking 8th in the Western Conference. Anderson finished the game with 10 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, and the highlight of the night.