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NBA Fans React To Los Angeles Lakers' Poor Opening Sequence Against The Miami Heat: "This Team Is Pure Comedy"

NBA Fans React To Los Angeles Lakers' Poor Opening Sequence Against The Miami Heat: "This Team Is Pure Comedy"

The Los Angeles Lakers have had their struggles this season and it doesn't seem to be getting much better for them at the moment. The Lakers lost to the Miami Heat on Sunday night, pushing their record to 23-24 as they continue to hover in the play-in spots in the Western Conference. 

Their game against the Heat was also significant for another reason, as their poor start from the tip-off was subjected to a fair amount of ridicule online. The Lakers controlled the tip and the ball went to Russell Westbrook before they passed it around and missed a shot. Dwight Howard got himself an offensive rebound but ended up somehow missing a dunk off the back of the rim before another offensive rebound resulted in Trevor Ariza throwing the ball away. 

Understandably, wasting 3 shot opportunities on the same possession including a dunk from right under the basket is something that NBA fans caught onto, with several ridiculing the Lakers and suggesting that it was a sign of their current form in microcosm. 

dame: "This team is pure comedy."

Visionary J: "What an insane first possession."

Douglas Bratton: "They might not even make the playoffs at this rate."

Pessimistic Lakers fan: "A perfect illustration of our season."

Jed: "This has gotta be the most embarrassing possession a team has ever started a game with."

Tom Ignudo: "Lol this is one of the funniest possessions I’ve ever seen."

YKOwesiris: "They hoopin like me and the guys at recess back in the day."

YAH's Child: "What was that pass in the beginning?"

Pure Green Blood: "All that just to go out of bounds. Lmfao."

BrianTanis13: "They think they’re the Harlem Globetrotters or something?"

Za Morant: "Lmaooo everything was normal until Dwight missed then it was all JV basketball."

Alonzo Meriweather: "Lmao I would've walked out after this."

Magnolia Slim: "Son I never laughed so hard at a basketball clip."

The Lakers ended up giving the Heat a tough fight in the contest despite this terrible start, only losing by 6 points. LeBron James balled out again, scoring 33 points and grabbing 11 boards while Russell Westbrook added 24 points with 9 assists as well. Regardless, if the team doesn't start winning soon, they will likely be subjected to even more ridicule.