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NBA Fans React To Michael Jordan Recently Training In Miami

NBA Fans React To Michael Jordan Trained Recently In Miami

Michael Jordan is training once again and fans can't be more excited. Yes, he won't be playing again in the NBA but it's good to see that he stays in shape in case somebody tries to trash talk him. Jordan is 57 now and in very good form, but he's always trying to get better. That's why he got to work in Miami recently and NBA fans went crazy.

His Airness attended Miami Hoops School to train and fans couldn't hide their excitement. Of course, he's not coming back and this is only to stay in shape, but MJ wasn't safe from jokes, "rumors" and more. The NBA community is wild and they proved that once again. While some said MJ was returning to end the GOAT debate, others said he was just coming to play with the Heat and nothing more.

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As usual, the NBA community stays undefeated. MJ recently admitted he couldn't have handled this social media era when he was active and this is the main reason why.